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Valkyrie 1911Denhof Opera Company

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The second night of Glasgow's first Ring Cycle had an excellent cast of notable British singers.

As with one or two soloists, the sets and costumes were imported from Germany. They were supplied by Messrs Obronski, Impekoven & Co., of Berlin.

Cast details are taken from a copy of the Glasgow cycle Prospectus in Dundee City Library with confirmation from a poster in Manchester City Library.

Performance Cast

Siegmund a Volsung

Walter Hyde

Sieglinde a Volsung, sister of Siegmund

Florence Easton

Hunding husband of Sieglinde

Robert Radford

Wotan father of the Valkyries and Volsungs

Frederic Austin

Brünnhilde a Valkyrie

Agnes Nicholls

Fricka Wotan's estranged wife

Toni Seiter

Gerhilde a Valkyrie

Kate Anderson

Ortlinde a Valkyrie

Hedwig Kuttner

Waltraute a Valkyrie

Edna Thornton

Schwertleite a Valkyrie

Florence von Ettlinger

Helmwige a Valkyrie

Alice Prowse

Siegrune a Valkyrie

Edith Clegg

Grimgerde a Valkyrie

Molly Deane

Rossweisse a Valkyrie

Toni Seiter

Performance DatesValkyrie 1911

Map List

Theatre Royal, Leeds | Leeds

29 Mar, 18.30

Theatre Royal, Manchester | Manchester

4 Apr, 18.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

12 Apr, 18.30

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