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Cenerentola 1835De Begnis Italian Opera Company

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The first performance in Scotland of La cenerentola is notable mostly for the presence in the cast of this company's director, Giuseppe de Begnis.  Now playing Don Magnifico, he had, in his youth, back in 1817, created the role of Dandini in Rome under the composer's direction.

Cenerentola was such a hit on its first Edinburgh performance that it was announced again for the following evening and then again - and once more.  The Scotsman critic (12 December) said 'The cast of the characters could scarcely have been better, and the spirit and vigour with which the performers exerted themelves, on both nights, carried the feelings of the house as it were by storm, and elicited the most enthusiastic applause from crowded and fashionable audiences."

While several attractive female singers married into titled families, they generally retired from their careers soon after.  Madame la Contessa seems unusual in continuing to perform and to tour.  Of her Cinderella, it was said 'her musical talents were of a high order, her voice being rich, melodious and flexible and her execution sweetly flowing and of considerable range and power.'  Barettoni as Dandini sang with great animation and with dramatic effect.

Reports also list a Miss Bennet in the cast, though which of the sisters she played is not known at this time. Nor do we know of any relationship she may have had to the tenor - perhaps his sister.

Details are compiled from Caledonian Mercury and the Scotsman.

Performance Cast

Angelina known as Cinderella, Magnifico's stepdaughter

Contessa Degli Anoni

Don Magnifico Baron of Montefiascone

Giuseppe de Begnis

Don Ramiro Prince of Salerno

Mr Bennet

Dandini the Prince's valet

Signor Barettoni

Production Cast


Vincenzo Gabussi

Performance DatesCenerentola 1835

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Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

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