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Fledermaus 2006Ellen Kent Productions

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The first thing that needs to be said about this Fledermaus is that the idiomatic musical performance under Nicolae Dohotaru was quite delightful. Given that Moldova is not a million miles from the mouth of the Danube this should not have been a surprise.  However it was clear, from the first notes of the overture, that this was going to be an enjoyable evening, with plenty of give and take in the performance of the waltz melodies.

Secondly it was very well sung. Several of the company's young stars were on show, in roles such as Rosalinde, Adele and Eisenstein. That other parts were taken by relatively junior members of the ensemble may be taken as an indication of their relaxed ability to deliver the English dialogue with an appropriate lightness of touch - something even many native speakers struggle with in opera. While Aberdeen's theatre is of normal dimensions for such a work, the other three halls are perhaps unusually large for easy timing and projection of the witticisms. These singers generally did well, only occasionally finding that their accented delivery got in the way of communication.

Altogether this was a highly praiseworthy effort at a traditional period production, handsomely designed and staged.

Cast is as detailed in the souvenir programme, amended in accordance with performance insert. No credit was given for the smaller roles.

Performance Cast

Alfred an Italian tenor and admirer of Rosalinde

Ruslan Pacatovici

Adele the Eisensteins' maid

Maria Tonina

Rosalinde wife of Eisenstein

Irina Vinogradova (Nov 21)

Galina Bernaz

Gabriel von Eisenstein

Andriy Perfilov (Nov 21)

Ruslan Zinevych

Blind Eisenstein's lawyer

Yuri Stamati

Falke a notary and friend of Eisenstein

Anatol Arcea (Nov 21)

Sergei Zuyenko

Frank prison governor

Robert Hvalov

Orlofsky a rich young Russian prince

Nadezhda Stoianova

Zarui Vardanean (Nov 21)

Frosch prison warder

Mihai Timofti (Nov 21)

Vitale Cires

Performance DatesFledermaus 2006

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

13 Nov, 19.30

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

16 Nov, 19.30

Caird Hall | Dundee

21 Nov, 19.30

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow | Glasgow

22 Nov, 19.30

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