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Creation 2008Dundee Choral Union

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The Creation has featured regularly in the programmes of Dundee Choral Union, as with most choirs, and this performance fully maintained the standard set in the past. The presence of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra was, of course, a great help, with many years of experience in this repertoire from promoting their own concerts.

The excellent team of soloists was led by the lustrous soprano of Judith Howarth, taking a brief home break from her international operatic career. The other two were equally good, and created an effective blend.

Performance Cast

Gabriel an archangel

Judith Howarth

Uriel an archangel

Gordon Wilson

Raphael an archangel

Paul Keohone


Judith Howarth


Paul Keohone

Performance DatesCreation 2008

Map List

Caird Hall | Dundee

14 Dec, 19.30

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