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Turandot 1930Covent Garden Opera

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The success of the first tour of Turandot made a swift return inevitable, and the conductor and the two principal ladies came back to repeat their success. Most of the other singers were new, however, most notably the Calaf and Timur.

Cast details from a programme in Edinburgh City Library.

Performance Cast


William R John

Liù a slave girl

Noël Eadie

Calaf son of Timur - the 'Unknown Prince'

Edward Leer

Timur exiled King of Tartary

Richard Watson

Prince of Persia

Evelyn Clare


Leslie Horsman

Princess Turandot daughter of Altoum

Odette de Foras

Ping Grand Chancellor

William Michael

Pang Grand Purveyor

Frederick Davies

Pong Grand Cook

Roy Devereux

Emperor Altoum

Liddell Peddieson

Performance DatesTurandot 1930

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

28 Oct, 19.30

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