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Gianni Schicchi 1980Tayside Opera

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Gianni Schicchi is an enjoyable piece for amateur groups to tackle, though by no means easy. Here, the leading roles were taken by company principals from the previous spring's Lucia, who would also appear the following autumn in Ernani. The other members of the cast all joined together in the first half of the evening to make up the chorus in Amahl and the Night Visitors, in which Gherardino had played the title role.

On opening night, Moira Davidson, the Zita, was only able to mime, while the company's indefatigable rehearsal pianist sang the part.

Performance Cast

Zita a cousin of Buoso, aged sixty

Moira Davidson

Helen Hazra (voice only)

Rinuccio Zita's nephew, aged twenty-four

Alan Borthwick

Gherardo Buoso's nephew, aged forty

James Gray

Nella Gherardo's wife, aged thirty-four

Elizabeth Watson

Gherardino Gherardo's son, aged seven

Jonathan Matheson-Dear

Betto di Signa a cousin, age unknown

David Button

Simone a cousin, aged seventy

Ron Macdonald

Marco Betto's son, aged forty-five

Sydney Millar

La Ciesca Marco's wife, aged thirty-eight

Doris Henderson

Gianni Schicchi aged fifty-one

William Dewar

Lauretta Schicchi's daughter, aged twenty-one

Mary Timmons

Maestro Spinelloccio a doctor

William Wilkie

Ser Amantio di Nicolao a notary

Stuart Carr

Pinellino a cobbler

Phillip Carr

Guccio a dyer

Philip Kearns

Performance DatesGianni Schicchi 1980

Map List

Gardyne Theatre | Dundee

5 Nov, 19.30 6 Nov, 19.30 7 Nov, 19.30 8 Nov, 19.30

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