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The Sloans Project is back!

Grab a pint (or Prosecco) and get ready for opera as you've never seen it before; the Sloans Project is back. After being performed in Canada and selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Sloans Project returns to Glasgow's oldest pub this July for just seven performances.

Unpretentious but powerful, the Sloans Project is an operatic feast that takes you on a journey through the pub as characters reveal themselves and their stories unfold in front of you.

"...amazing and often quite magical" – Alan Cooper, STV

"... puts opera 'in yer face' with impressive flair" – Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald

Performance DatesSloans Project 2016

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Sloans bar and restaurant | Glasgow

24 Jul, 14.00 26 Jul, 19.00 27 Jul, 19.00 28 Jul, 19.00 29 Jul, 14.00 29 Jul, 19.00 31 Jul, 13.00

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