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Lohengrin 1966Stuttgart State Opera

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What was then, and is still, unique about this 1966 Festival visit was the fact that not only did the Stuttgart company bring stagings of The Magic Flute and Lohengrin, but they brought both Berg's other operas, Wozzeck, under the inspiring baton of Carlos Kleiber, and the incomplete Lulu, receiving its Scottish premiere.

This Lohengrin was one of those occasions that the Festival was notorious for during its early years, when a brave, some might say foolhardy, opera company, usually from Germany, left large portions of the scenery, chorus and orchestra at home in order to fit their staging into the King’s Theatre. Sometimes it worked astonishingly well, and it did give local audiences a chance to experience some great performers in the flesh. How else could we have seen and heard the likes of Wolfgang Windgassen, Grace Hoffmann or Gustav Neidlinger in some of their greatest roles?

Wieland Wagner’s productions usually emphasised the wide open spaces which are especially important in Lohengrin. Even without half the scenery, wide open spaces were not an option in Edinburgh. Several of the performers had been in the Tristan production which the company had brought to the Festival in 1958, so at least they knew what to expect.


Cast details are from our copy of the programme.

Performance Cast

Heerufer Royal Herald

Raymond Wolansky (Aug 30; Sep 1)

Karlheinz Peters (Sep 7, 9)

Heinrich Henry the Fowler, King of Germany

Otto von Rohr

Ortrud Friedrich's wife

Grace Hoffmann

Friedrich von Telramund Count of Brabant

Gustav Neidlinger

Elsa von Brabant sister of the missing Count Gottfried

Hildegard Hillebrecht (Aug 30; Sep 1, 7)

Elisabeth Löw-Szöky (Sep 9)

Lohengrin a knight

Wolfgang Windgassen

First Nobleman of Brabant

Stefan Schwer

Second Nobleman of Brabant

Toni Krämer

Third Nobleman of Brabant

Stefan Kosso (Aug 30; Sep 1)

Klaus Hirte (Sep 7, 9)

Fourth Nobleman of Brabant

Frithjof Sentpaul

First Page

Ursula Brandis

Second Page

Liselotte Kiefer

Third Page

Ida Faiss

Fourth Page

Hildegard Braun

Performance DatesLohengrin 1966

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

30 Aug, 18.30 1 Sep, 18.30 7 Sep, 18.30 9 Sep, 18.30

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