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Belshazzar 1997Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD)

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Belshazzar is one of the most spectacularly dramatic of Handel's English oratorios, and it is good to see the RSAMD forces taking it on, admittedly only in concert form, not long after they had had some success in tackling Semele.

Cast details are from a programme in the RCS archives.

Performance Cast

Nitocris mother of Belshazzar

Fiona Duncan

Daniel a Jewish prophet

Louise Innes

Cyrus Prince of Persia

Andée-Louise Hypolite

Gobrias an Assyrian Nobleman, revolted against Belshazzar and allied to Cyrus

Olafur Sigurdarson

Belshazzar King of Babylon

Daniel Auchincloss

Performance DatesBelshazzar 1997

Map List

Stevenson Hall | Glasgow

6 Feb, 19.30

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