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Gondoliers 1991D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

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This was a bright and breezy production of the late G & S piece. The costumes were essentially traditional 18th century, with one or two eccentricities, such as the Duchess's exposed panniers. The sets were essentially postcard-style views of Venice leaning at an angle, and very brightly coloured. Tim Hopkins kept things lively without damaging any sense of the tradition also being kept alive.

Musically it was strong (at the Saturday matinee in Glasgow), with John Pryce-Jones, formerly Head of Music with Scottish Opera, a vigorous conductor. The men were particularly good. David Fieldsend and Alan Oke had started their careers with Scottish Opera, and it was good to see them return. John Rath was an imposing and successful Don Alhambra, while Richard Suart was already a matchless interpreter of the famous comic roles which he continued to sing for the next thirty years.

The new D'Oyly Carte company did not travel with the wide repertoire traditionally carried by its predecessor.  Here two new productions played alternately, with Iolanthe having four performances Monday to Wednesday, with The Gondoliers taking over for the second half of the stay.

Performance Cast

Fiametta a Contadina

Yvonne Patrick

Francesco a Venetian Gondolier

David Cavendish

Giulia a Contadina

Elizabeth Elliott

Antonio a Venetian Gondolier

Tim Morgan

Giorgio a Venetian Gondolier

Toby Barrett

Vittoria a Contadina

Pamela Baxter

Marco Palmieri a Venetian Gondolier

David Fieldsend

Giuseppe Palmieri a Venetian Gondolier

Alan Oke

Gianetta a Contadina

Lesley Echo Ross.

Tessa a Contadina

Madeleine Mitchell

Duke of Plaza-Toro a Grandee of Spain

Richard Suart

Duchess of Plaza-Toro

Jill Pert

Casilda daughter of the Duke and Duchess

Elizabeth Woollett (Exc Apr 27 m)

Bethan Dudley (Apr 27 mat)

Luiz the Duke's Attendant

Philip Creasy

Don Alhambra del Bolero the Grand Inquisitor

John Rath

Inez the King's Foster-mother

Claire Kelly

Performance DatesGondoliers 1991

Map List

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

25 Apr, 19.30 26 Apr, 19.30 27 Apr, 15.00 27 Apr, 19.30

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

2 May, 19.30 3 May, 19.30 4 May, 15.00 4 May, 19.30

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