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Beggar's Opera 1817Mr Horn's Company

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According to the Glasgow playbill, this was a third appearance in the city for Mr. Horn and Miss Merry.

The Beggar's Opera was followed by Trafalgar, or the Death of Nelson; a dramatic song by the tenor John Braham; and concluding with the farce of The Weathercock.

The playbill also announces for the following night, Saturday, a "grand operatic Drama, which has been for some time in preparation", The Siege of Belgrade, to conclude with the farce of Plot and Counterplot.

The music for The Siege of Belgrade was by Stephen Storace.


Details taken from a playbill in the OperaScotland archive.

Performance Cast

Mr Peachum a 'fence'

Mr Stanfield

Filch employee of Peachum

Mr Mackay

Mrs Peachum

Mrs Bromby

Polly Peachum Peachum's daughter

Miss Merry

Macheath a highwayman

Charles Horn

Robin of Bagshot of Macheath's gang

Mr Nelson

Matt of the MInt of Macheath's gang

Mr Lambert

Nimming Ned of Macheath's gang

Mr Williams

Jemmy Twitcher of Macheath's gang

Mr Atkins

Crook-Fingered Jack of Macheath's gang

Mr Newton

Wat Dreary of Macheath's gang

Mr Proven

Slippery Sam of Macheath's gang

Mr Scott

Bob Booty of Macheath's gang

Mr Alexander

Drawer in the tavern

Mr Andrewes

Lockit the gaoler

Mr Bromby

Lucy Lockit Lockit's daughter

Miss Treby

Performance DatesBeggar's Opera 1817

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

17 Mar, 00.00

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