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Pagliacci 1925Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The review in the Scotsman (16 Apr) explined "the excellent Nedda of Miss Miranda had a splendid companion study in the Canio of Mr William Boland, intense, but without tearing passion to tatters, as Canios too often do. Mr Flintoff Moore's Tonio was another fine performance.  The rusty evening suit in which he elected to appear was an innovation, but one in which something might be argued.  Although ti si now a matter of established tradition,, it is a point for consideration whether Canio, the leader of a poverty-stricken troupe of strollig plyers, should always appear in a snowy Pierrot costume, strongly suggestive of being fresh from the laundry.  The Silvio of Mr W. Ewart Thomas was an intersting impersonation, and Mr William Peacock made a good Beppo.  In both operas, chorus and orchestra were always remarkably satisfactory."

The cast is drawn from a programme dated 15 April, archived in Edinburgh Central Library.

Performance Cast

Canio leader of the players

William Boland

Beppe a player

William Peacock

Tonio a player

Flintoff Moore

Silvio a villager

W Ewart Thomas

Nedda Canio's wife

Beatrice Miranda

Production Cast


Charles Webber

Performance DatesPagliacci 1925

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

15 Apr, 19.30

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