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Born Birmingham, 1884.

Died Croydon, September 1953.

English tenor.

William Boland was a mainstay of several British companies in the early decades of the twentieth century. He appeared with the O' Mara, Carl Rosa and BNOC organisations, giving several performances at Covent Garden in the twenties. He was highly versatile, singing a range of leading roles, though he was especially useful in the large number of Wagner operas these companies all mounted. He also performed regularly in concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

On the continent, he sang at Budapest (Royal Opera House), Dresden (Staatsoper), Vienna (Volksoper) and Prague (both National Theatre and German Theatre).

He made several recordings, including three mentioned in a review in Opera (July 1983), from The Creation, The Lily of Killarney and Lohengrin. He was described by Lord Harewood as having a “basically fine voice” and “genuine authority”.  These recordings have not yet been issued on CD.

Roles in Scotland

Froh god of joy and youth
Rheingold 1910
Faust a learned doctor
Faust 1915
Faust 1924
Faust 1929
Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger
Tannhäuser 1915
Tannhäuser 1917
Tannhäuser 1918
Tannhäuser 1919
Tannhäuser 1920
Tannhäuser 1921
Tannhäuser 1928
Tannhäuser 1930
Manrico a chieftain under the Prince of Biscay
Trovatore 1915
Trovatore 1919
Trovatore 1924
Trovatore 1929
Trovatore 1930
Tristan a Cornish knight
Tristan und Isolde 1917
Tristan und Isolde 1920
Turiddu a young soldier
Cavalleria Rusticana 1918
Don José a corporal of dragoons
Carmen 1918
Carmen 1919
Carmen 1920
Carmen 1927
Carmen 1936
Hoffmann a poet
Tales of Hoffmann 1918
Tales of Hoffmann 1919
Tales of Hoffmann 1920
Tales of Hoffmann 1924
Dante and Beatrice 1918
Lieutenant F B Pinkerton U S Navy
Madam Butterfly 1919
Madam Butterfly 1922
Madam Butterfly 1928
Madam Butterfly 1930
Don Caesar de Bazan
Maritana 1919
Maritana 1920
Maritana 1924
Maritana 1928
Maritana 1930
Stella Maris 1920
Gennaro a blacksmith
Jewels of the Madonna 1920
Siegmund a Volsung
Valkyrie 1921
Valkyrie 1922
Valkyrie 1927
Valkyrie 1928
Valkyrie 1929
Radamès Captain of the Guard
Aïda 1921
Aïda 1922
Aïda 1924
Lohengrin a knight
Lohengrin 1921
Lohengrin 1924
Mario Cavaradossi a painter
Tosca 1922
Canio leader of the players
Pagliacci 1922
Pagliacci 1924
Pagliacci 1925
Pagliacci 1928
Pagliacci 1929
Parsifal a youth
Parsifal 1922
Walther von Stolzing a young knight
Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1922
Siegfried son of Siegmund and Sieglinde
Siegfried 1922
Siegfried 1929
Siegfried 1930
Florestan a Spanish nobleman
Fidelio 1924
Samson and Delilah 1924
Talmaae a priest
Thaïs and Talmaae 1929
Helion a gladiator
Messalina 1930
Loge god of fire and cunning
Rhinegold 1930

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