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Cast details are taken from a programme in Edinburgh Central Library, checked against a review in the the Scotsman (19 February) and a review in the Glasgow Herald (6 March). The reviewer in the Glasgow Herald (6 March) wrote "Whatever may be the bad effect of German opera in general on British morale, a sense of humour should surely make an exception in the case of Tannhäuser.  A Scottish kirk session could not have dealt more severely with the errant minstrel knight nor pointed a harder way to salvation. Podsnap himself could not have been more careful of the cheek of the young person than the Junkers who gathered in the Hall of Song. Apart from Venus and Tannhäuser, there is almost a painful air of respectability about Wagner's opera.

"But it was no question of morale or anti-Germanism that last night crowded the Theatre Royal to overcrowding.  Tannhäuser has always been a favourite with the Glasgow public, and the war has not affected its position. While not ideal, last night's performance had excellent qualities.  It had sufficient driving power to make sure of a brilliant general effect.  The chorus has been better. Before the war the pilgrims 'off' did not need the assistance of an American organ.  Male voices are a difficulty in these times. Last night's chorus at least sang intelligently, and were not wanting in vigour in the ensembles. One has heard, too, a sweeter ensemble of minstrel knights.  But after all, the success of Tannhäuser depends largely on its two or three principal singers and these were good enough last night to carry the performance through and justify the loudly expressed delight of the audience."

"Mr William Boland has a big voice and a big style, and if he occasionally conveyed a sense of strain, he nevertheless gave a powerful and convincing rendering of his part.  Miss Beatrice Miranda, one of the most versatile artists in the company, made a highly favourable impression as Elisabeth.  Her clear, telling tones were especially effective against the male voices at the close of the second act.  Mr Hebden Foster sang with more restraint than usual as Wolfram, although he did not fail to get good results on the whole. Venus in Tannhäuser seldom finds voice of seductive quality, but Miss Eva Turner sang with considerable acceptance.  Mr Winckworth was as reliable as ever in his old part of the Landgrave, and the smaller parts were filled with varying degrees of success."

"Apart from a slight tendency to hurry, Mr Herbert Ferrers was an efficient conductor."


The season consisted of two weeks at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum, then four weeks at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal.  Following a break of two months or so, the company returned to Glasgow for four weeks and finally a week back at the Royal Lyceum.

The touring schedule for Scotland during the year 1918 was as follows:-

Edinburgh w/c 18 Feb: Mon Tannhäuser; Tue Carmen;  Wed Madam Butterfly; Thu Faust; Fri Bohème; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Maritana.

Edinburgh w/c 25 Feb: Mon Cav Pag; Tue Bohème; Wed Merry Wives of Windsor; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Mignon; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Trovatore.

Glasgow w/c 4 Mar: Mon Carmen; Tue Tannhäuser; Wed Bohème; Thu Faust; Fri Madam Butterfly; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Trovatore.

Glasgow w/c 11 Mar: Mon Cav & Pag; Tue Mignon; Wed Tales of Hoffmann; Thu Merry Wives of Windsor; Fri Bohème; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Maritana.

Glasgow w/c 18 Mar: Mon Tannhäuser; Tue Bohème; Wed Trovatore; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Jeanie Deans; Sat m Carmen; Sat e Faust.

Glasgow w/c 25 Mar: Mon Madam Butterfly; Tue Carmen; Wed Jeanie Deans; Thu Cav & Pag; Fri Mignon; Sat m Tannhäuser; Sat e Bohemian Girl.


Glasgow w/c 24 Jun: Mon Tannhäuser; Tue Bohème; Wed Tales of Hoffmann; Thu Don Giovanni; Fri Carmen; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Trovatore.

Glasgow w/c 1 Jul: Mon Jeanie Deans; Tue Cav & Pag; Wed Mignon; Thu Madam Butterfly; Fri Marriage of Figaro; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Faust.

Glasgow w/c 8 Jul: Mon Merry Wives of Windsor; Tue Madam Butterfly; Wed Don Giovanni; Thu Dante and Beatrice & Pagliacci; Fri Tannhäuser; Sat m Jeanie Deans; Sat e Carmen.

Glasgow w/c 15 Jul: Mon Mignon; Tue Faust; Wed Tannhäuser; Thu RigolettoFri Dante and Beatrice & Pagliacci; Sat m Bohème; Sat e Tales of Hoffmann.

Edinburgh w/c 22 Jul: Mon CarmenTue Dante and Beatrice & Pagliacci; Wed Jeanie Deans; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Don Giovanni; Sat m Madam ButterflySat e Maritana.

Our archivist has been unable to find a programme or review of the single perforamance of Bohemian Girl given on the tour (Saturday 30 March).

Eleven weeks @ seven performances seventy-seven.

Nine Madam Butterfly; Tales of Hoffmann : Seven Carmen; Bohème; Tannhäuser.

Five Jeanie Deans; Mignon; Faust  : Four Cav & Pag; Trovatore..

Three Maritana; Don Giovanni; Dante and Beatrice & Pagliacci; Merry Wives of Windsor.

One Rigoletto; Bohemian Girl; Marriage of Figaro.

Performance Cast


Eva Turner

Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger

William Boland

Wolfram von Eschenbach a knight and minnesinger

Hebden Foster

Hermann Landgrave of Thuringia

Arthur Winckworth

Walther von der Vogelweide a knight and minnesinger

Lovat Crosley

Biterolf a knight and minnesinger

James Pursail

Elisabeth niece of the Landgrave

Beatrice Miranda

Performance DatesTannhäuser 1918

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

18 Feb, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

5 Mar, 19.15 18 Mar, 19.15 30 Mar, 14.00 12 Jul, 19.15 17 Jul, 19.15 24 Jun, 19.15

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