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The reviewer in the Glasgow Herald (13 March) commented  "A few years agoit seemed as if Mignon had joined the class of operas quietly slipping into oblivion.  On reappearance, however, in the provinces, it received a warm welcome, and the fact that it now belongs to the current repertory shows that the pubic find it good music and the operatic management good business.  The Tales of Hoffmann would hardly survive the loss of its Barcarolle; the charms of the Merry Widow depend almost entirely on her waltz. Mignon, however, has several popular tunes to her credit. 'Knowest thou the land', 'I am Titania' and the gavotte might be the making of an opera of much less high quality than Mignon.  Ambroise Thomas was more thaan a clever writer of ballads, and, if his opera is not deeply inspired, it is the work of a cultured musician with much of the grace and charmcharacteristic of French genius.  Last night a crowded audience in the Glasgow Theatre-Royal, were in any case, enthusiastically approving."

"Of Mr Winckworth, Mr Hughes Macklin and Mr Frederick Clendon it is sufficient to say that they filled their old parts of Lothario, Wilhelm and Laertes respectively, and filled them well.  The part of Carmen suits Miss Phyllis Archibald's style and temperament better than that of Mignon, but Miss Archibald is a good artist, and she acheived a large measure of success both as singer and as actress. Miss Florence Barron made an excellent appearance on Saturday as Olympia, but Filina is quite another matter and Miss Barron last night was found wanting. Miss Barron's brilliance runs too much too hardness. Miss Ida Carton was quite equalt to the small part of Frederick; the less important parts were ably filled;and the chorus and orcestra did good service under the conductor, Mr de la Fuente." 

The touring schedule for Scotland during the year 1918 was as follows:-

The season consisted two weeks at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum, then four weeks at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal. Following a break of two months or so, the company returned to Glasgow for four weeks and finally a week back at the Royal Lyceum.

w/c Mon 18 Feb Tannhauser; Tue Carmen; Wed Madam Butterfly; Thu Faust; Fri Bohème; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Maritana.

w/c Mon 25 Feb Cav and Pag; Tue Bohème; Wed Merry Wives of Windsor; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Mignon; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Trovatore.

w/c Mon 4 Mar Carmen; Tue Tannhauser; Wed Bohème; Thu Faust; Fri Madam Butterfly; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Trovatore.

w/c Mon 11 Mar Cav and Pag; Tue Mignon; Wed Tales of Hoffmann; Thu Merry Wives of Windsor; Fri Bohème; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Maritana.

w/c Mon 18 Mar Tannhauser; Tue Bohème; Wed Trovatore; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Jeanie Deans; Sat m Carmen; Sat e Faust.

w/c Mon 25 Mar Madam Butterfly; Tue Carmen; Wed Jeanie Deans; Thu Cav and Pag; Fri Mignon; Sat m Tannhauser; Sat e Bohemian Girl.

w/c Mon 24 Jun Tannhauser; Tue Bohème; Wed Tales of Hoffmann; Thu Don Giovanni; Fri Carmen; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Trovatore.

w/c Mon 1 Jul Jeanie Deans; Tue Cav and Pag; Wed Mignon; Thu Madam Butterfly; Fri Marriage of Figaro; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Faust.

w/c Mon 8 Jul Merry Wives of Windsor; Tue Madam Butterfly; Wed Don Giovanni; Thu Dante and Beatriceand Pagliacci; Fri Tannhauser; Sat m Jeanie Deans; Sat e Carmen.

w/c Mon 15 Jul Mignon; Tue Faust; Wed Tannhauser; Thu RigolettoFri Dante and Beatrice and Pagliacci; Sat m Bohème; Sat e Tales of Hoffmann.

w/c Mon 22 Jul CarmenTue Dante and Beatrice and Pagliacci; Wed Jeanie Deans; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Don Giovanni; Sat m Madam ButterflySat e Maritana

Our archivist has been unable to find a programme or review of the single perforamance of Bohemian Girl given on the tour (Saturday 30 March)

Eleven weeks @ seven performances seventy-seven.

Nine Madam Butterfly; Tales of Hoffmann

Seven Carmen; Bohème; Tannhauser.

Five Jeanie Deans; Mignon; Faust

Four Cav and Pag; Trovatore

Three Maritana; Don Giovanni; Dante and Beatrice and Pagliacci; Merry Wives of Windsor

One Rigoletto; Bohemian Girl; Marriage of Figaro

Performance Cast

Laërte an actor

Frederick Clendon

Wilhelm Meister a student

Hughes Macklin

Lothario a wandering minstrel

Arthur Winckworth

Frédéric a young nobleman

Ida Carton

Mignon stolen in childhood

Phyllis Archibald

Philine an actress

Florence Barron

Performance DatesMignon 1918

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

1 Mar, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

12 Mar, 19.15 29 Mar, 19.15 3 Jul, 19.15 15 Jul, 19.15

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