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Saturday evening performances were rarely reviewed in Monday's newspapers - the company had usually moved on during Sunday, so there was no commercial benefit to be gained from providing free tickets to the critics.

An advertisement in the Glasgow Herald of 4 April (Friday) promised cast members Myrtle Stewart, William Boland, Rispah Goodacre, Hubert Dunkerley and William Jones.  All that can be gleaned from the Monday issue (7 April) is the name of the conductor:

"The attendance in the evening was also large, a fact attesting the abiding popularity of Wallace's Maritana with the general public.  The old favourite ballads were rendered with the requisite spirit, and brought the usual storm of of applause and regulation recalls. On the whole it was a well-balanced performance.  The orchestra gave a good rendering of the tuneful score, and the vocal work, though here and there unsatisfactory, was agreeably well done.  Mr Arthur Hammond conducted."

During the Scottish leg of the tour, two performances of Cav & Pag were given. The remaining performances involved fourteen different operas.


The 1930 Carl Rosa tour 

The 1930 season in Scotland consisted of three weeks in Glasgow at the Theatre Royal followed by one in Edinburgh at the Lyceum. the performances were as follows:-

Glasgow, w/c 24 March: Mon 24 Trovatore; Tue 25 Cav & Pag; Wed 26 Flying Dutchman; Thu 27 Hansel and Gretel; Fri 28 Messalina; Sat 29 mat Butterfly: Sat 29 eve Faust.

Glasgow, w/c 31 March: Mon 31 Flying Dutchman; Tue 01 Apr Carmen; Wed 02 Rhinegold; Thu 01 Tales of Hoffmann; Fri 02 Bohème; Sat 03 m Hansel and Gretel; Sat 03 eve Maritana.

Glasgow, w/c 7 April: Mon 7 Tannhäuser; Tue 8 Butterfly; Wed 9 Siegfried; Thu 10 Cav & Pag; Fri 11 Rigoletto; Sat 12 mat Flying Dutchman; Sat 12 eve Carmen.

Edinburgh, w/c 14 April: Mon 14 Butterfly; Tue 15 Rigoletto; Wed 16 Carmen; Thu 17 Faust; Fri 18 Flying Dutchman; Sat 19 mat Hansel and Gretel; Sat 19 eve Trovatore.

Performance Cast

Maritana a gitana

Myrtle Stewart (Apr 05 e)

Don Caesar de Bazan

William Boland (Apr 05 e)

Don José de Santarem

Hubert Dunkerley (Apr 05 e)

Lazarillo a poor apprentice

Rispah Goodacre (Apr 05 e)

Charles II King of Spain

William Jones (Apr 05 e)

Production Cast


Arthur Hammond (Apr 05 e)

Performance DatesMaritana 1930

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

5 Apr, 19.30

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