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Messa da Requiem 1999Dundee Choral Union

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This Verdi Requiem performance was set up by Dundee Choral Union as a special Millennium celebration concert. The extra funding gave them the opportunity to push the boat out and recruit a specially distinguished team of soloists. The musicians were also rather special, as the Orchestra of Scottish Opera did not get their hands on this particular Verdi score with any frequency. Fortunately this enterprise by the Choral was rewarded with a packed house in the enormous Caird Hall.

While none of these soloists was in any way familiar in Dundee, priority should perhaps be given to the superb Russian bass, who had somehow contrived through his career to avoid performing in Scotland, and had only visited Covent Garden a couple of times back in the eighties. His voice was still in excellent condition. Just a pity that he never sang opera north of the border.

Welsh tenor Arthur Davies had a very distinguished career and had now been singing for nearly thirty years since his early days with Welsh National Opera. It was several years since his last appearance with Scottish Opera. He did not do many concerts, but this evening showed him still to be on top form.

Sarah Walker was another well known soloist who had never appeared in the Caird Hall during a long career. She had recently sung with the RSNO in Glasgow at a concert performance of Elektra, which had shown her still to be at the height of her powers, and in no way the rough-toned harpy so often heard as Klytemnestra.

Lynne Dawson was perhaps more associated with the music of Handel and Mozart, and the prospect of her singing in the huge Caird Hall had made some people apprehensive. No need to worry though, and the whole audience was hugely enthusiastic at the finish.

Performance DatesMessa da Requiem 1999

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Caird Hall | Dundee

12 Dec, 19.30

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