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Welsh National Opera first tackled Don Carlos in the 1970s, when they performed it in English and using the 4-Act revised version, and very well they did it too. For its second production, a brave decision was taken to play the original 1867 text complete and in French. Since the opera's appearances in Scotland have been extremely rare, that is perhaps of academic interest here, but it was instructive to note where Verdi did improve the music later on, but also to see how the inconsistencies of plot disappear when sections usually cut can be heard.

For the most part the performance was thoroughly rewarding. Carlo Rizzi didn't quite manage to pace the huge structure naturally - sometimes things were a bit rushed. Most of the soloists were excellent, the Eboli and Posa especially so. Paul Charles Clarke sounded slightly stretched by some of Carlos's heavier music.

The disappointment came with the staging. The designs were essentially dull, it all looked cheap and lacking in atmosphere. And the direction seemed to have little to add.

Performance DatesDon Carlos 2005

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Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

11 Oct, 17.30 15 Oct, 17.30

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