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Tannhäuser 1908Moody-Manners Opera Company

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Moody-Manners had been touring to Scotland for several years, but the company had not previously ventured beyond the central belt. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, the choruses for the larger pieces were augmented with members of the recently-established Grand Opera Societies for each city.

In Aberdeen, even without such support, they were described as the largest English opera company ever to have toured Great Britain. The full company consisted of 130, including a chorus of sixty and full corps de ballet.

The cast for 18 February is taken from a programme in the Weir collection at the National Library of Scotland. That for 2 March is from a programme in the Mitchell Library collection, and of 9 March from a programme in Aberdeen City Library. Changes among the principals for 17 March are specified in reviews in the Dundee Advertiser and Dundee Courier & Argus.

Joseph O'Mara and Charles Magrath appear to have sung in all performances, as do Messrs Tattersall and Cliffe in smaller parts. Otherwise the casts seem to have been varied night by night to a quite surprising degree. And the company clearly had a near-infinite supply of slim young sopranos able to convince as the shepherd-boy in the first act.

Performance Cast


Toni Seiter (Feb 18; Mar 9)

Hilary Mulligan (Mar 2)

Kate Anderson (Mar 17)

Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger

Joseph O'Mara

Shepherd boy

Miss M Wingfield (Feb 18)

Miss J Kelly (Mar 2)

Maud Rigby (Mar 9)

Winifred Burns (Mar 17)

Hermann Landgrave of Thuringia

Charles Magrath

Wolfram von Eschenbach a knight and minnesinger

Lewys James (Feb 18; Mar 17)

William Dever (Mar 2, 9)

Walther von der Vogelweide a knight and minnesinger

Mr W Johnstone (Feb 18)

Frederick Davies (Mar 2, 9)

Heinrich der Schreiber a knight and minnesinger

Mr C Tattersall (Feb 18; Mar 2, 9)

Biterolf a knight and minnesinger

Richard Cliffe (Feb 18; Mar 2, 9)

Reinmar von Zweter a knight and minnesinger

Harry Brindle (Feb 18; Mar 9)

Mr M Alliston (Mar 2)

Elisabeth niece of the Landgrave

Fanny Moody (Feb 18; Mar 9, 17)

Clementine de Vere Sapio (Mar 2)

Performance DatesTannhäuser 1908

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

18 Feb, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

28 Feb, 19.00 2 Mar, 19.00 17 Oct, 14.30

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

9 Mar, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

17 Mar, 19.00

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