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Sloans Project 2011New Opera in Scotland Events (NOISE)

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What an occasion - the launch of a new company! and with a new piece!  This new opera was set over three floors of the well known bar and restaurant. The audience were required to move through the three floors and interact in the last scene. At the 7pm performance on the 21st, NOISE invited the audience to get dressed up in Victorian costume (or occasional evening wear) to become part of the Victorian Glasgow ambience. The photographs were taken at Sloans by Neil Thomas Douglas.

The chamber ensemble accompanying the performance was Gordon Cree (piano), Andrew Huggan (cello), Agnieszka Opiola (violin), Charlotte Sager (harp), and Xian Shan (accordion).

There were also four actors; Martha Burns Findlay, Tam Baker, Sarah Haworth and Alfie Wellcoat.

Performance DatesSloans Project 2011

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Sloans bar and restaurant | Glasgow

20 Jul, 13.00 20 Jul, 19.00 21 Jul, 13.00 21 Jul, 19.00 22 Jul, 14.00 23 Jul, 11.00 24 Jul, 13.00 24 Jul, 19.00

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