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Fanny Moody

Fanny Moody, Scotland's first Tosca

Posted 8 Apr 2012

Scotland's first Tosca, Fanny Moody, is brought to mind by the forthcoming revival of Scottish Opera's classic production.  She led the Moody-Manners company with her husband, Charles Manners, for two decades a century ago.  Her roles included not just Tosca but also Arline in the Bohemian Girl and Isolde in Tristan and Isolde - sometimes in the same week! She also spread the word about opera by singing in music halls.

She sang with the Carl Rosa Opera Company at their base in Liverpool in 1887, aged 21, and performed with them until 1898, when Moody Manners were founded around the time of the Carl Rosa company's insolvency.  Learn more about her career and roles she sang in Scotland - click on the link here.


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