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Some cities in the north of England were given a final sight of part of the Ring before the entire set (largely timber) was immolated on the banks of the Clyde. December's stand-in Brünnhilde, Margaret Kingsley, returned, and one performance was given by Joy McIntyre, another British soprano based largely in Germany. Donald McIntyre was just taking on the Wotan roles at Bayreuth and had not yet sung them at Covent Garden.

Performance Cast

Siegmund a Volsung

Charles Craig

Sieglinde a Volsung, sister of Siegmund

Leonore Kirschstein

Hunding husband of Sieglinde

William McCue

Wotan father of the Valkyries and Volsungs

Donald McIntyre

Brünnhilde a Valkyrie

Margaret Kingsley (2 perfs)

Joy McIntyre (1 perf)

Fricka Wotan's estranged wife

Anna Reynolds (Apr 1)

Patricia Purcell (Apr 8, 10)

Gerhilde a Valkyrie

Heather Howson

Ortlinde a Valkyrie

Nancy Gottschalk

Waltraute a Valkyrie

Patricia Purcell

Schwertleite a Valkyrie

Johanna Peters

Helmwige a Valkyrie

Patricia Hay

Siegrune a Valkyrie

Phyllis Cannan

Grimgerde a Valkyrie

Joan Clarkson

Rossweisse a Valkyrie

Claire Livingstone

Performance DatesValkyrie 1972

Map List

Grand Theatre, Leeds | Leeds

1 Apr, 19.00

Royal Court Theatre | Liverpool

8 Apr, 19.00

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

10 Apr, 19.00

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