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Daughter of the Regiment 1890Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The new English version by Oscar Weil was introduced by the Carl Rosa company at Bristol on 12 October 1890.

This initial cast stayed together for several seasons, with Zélie de Lussan forming an effective comic partnership with Aynsley Cook that continued until his death in 1894. The translation seems to diverge significantly from the original, though perhaps no more than the earlier adaptation by Edward Fitzball.

Cast as advertised for Glasgow matinee.

Performance Cast

Marquise de Birkenfeld

Jenny Dickerson

Hortensio steward to the Marquise (Bruno)

Mr E Albert

Sulpice a sergeant of Grenadiers

Aynsley Cook

Marie a foundling

Zélie de Lussan

Tonio a Tyrolean peasant

John Child

Corporal (Max)

Charles Campbell


Mr P Somers

Flora a maid (Babette)

Kate Drew

Mdlle Beaupré

Jeanie Mills

Madame Duval

Annie Cook

Performance DatesDaughter of the Regiment 1890

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Nov, 00.00 22 Nov, 14.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

26 Nov, 00.00 1 Dec, 00.00

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