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Originating from Sloan's Bar, in central Glasgow, this promenade opera was given another airing, with two more performances in Glasgow, at Sloan's itself, and then three in Edinburgh on the Fringe, in the historic surroundings of the Scottish Arts Club in Rutland Square. Thjese were part of the Made in Scotland Music Showcase and under the auspices of New Opera In Scotland Events (NOISE).

For these performances, composer Gareth Williams and writer David Brock had added a fifth scene, inserted prior to the last one. By darkening the atmosphere this added much to the overall effect.  Some of the staging had been well adapted to the somewhat different layout in this new venue.

Louise Montgomery as the Landlady, a speaking role designed to link the scenes, added effective colour and no little weegie humour.

The whole event was a very great success, much appreciated by the audience.  Let us hope we hear from NOISE again!

The photographs below were taken in the Scottish Arts Club around the matinee performance on Sunday 18 August . Thanks to James Robert Carson, the director, for the use of these photographs which are more in the way of a photo essay than shots of the show.  Credit to the photographer, Blanko Blaz Lesjak.

Performance DatesSloans Project 2013

Map List

Sloans bar and restaurant | Glasgow

14 Aug, 15.00 14 Aug, 19.00

Scottish Arts Club | Edinburgh

15 Aug, 18.30 18 Aug, 11.30 18 Aug, 16.30

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