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Aïda 2009Ellen Kent Productions

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Spring 2009 was announced as the Farewell Tour for Ellen Kent's operation, a venture that had successfully toured popular productions of staple repertoire operas around the country for around fifteen years.

The company was called Ellen Kent Amphitheatre Productions, and the feature that dominated the tour was a unit set used for each of the operas in the repertoire. As the title suggests, this was an amphitheatre that filled the stage and may have looked impressive as a reminder of the Coliseum for Tosca, or as a bullring for Carmen. For Aïda a few black statues of Anubis were slotted into alcoves, but didn't really succeed in evoking Egypt. For other operas it was still less appropriate. It also interfered with the natural acoustic of an auditorium. In some venues this may have been a good thing, but in others it seems to have introduced some dead spots.

The casts are as listed in the programme, but varied from night to night. Some of the listed performers may not have appeared in Scotland.

Performance Cast

Ramfis High Priest

Valeriu Cojocaru

Radamès Captain of the Guard

Patrizio Ha (May 11)

Irakli Grigali

Nicolae Busuioc

Amneris daughter of the King of Egypt

Zarui Vardanean (May 11)

Nadezhda Stoianova

Aïda an Ethiopian slave

Galina Bernaz

Elena Dee (May 11)

King of Egypt

Igor Sviridov


Anatol Arcea

Vasile Micusa (May 11)


Olga Rusnac

Amonasro King of Ethiopia and father of Aïda

Vladimir Dragos

Performance DatesAïda 2009

Map List

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

6 Feb, 19.30

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

8 May, 19.30 9 May, 19.30

Caird Hall | Dundee

11 May, 19.30

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

13 Jun, 19.30

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