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Creation 1949Dundee Choral Union

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In the early postwar years, the reformed Choral Union was almost overwhelmed with participants. On this occasion there were reported to be three hundred voices in the choir, which must have put pressure on the resources even of the generously proportioned Caird Hall stage. There was a new conductor, and the Scottish Orchestra was brought through from Glasgow. The performance was also broadcast by the BBC, something that did not happen often from the Caird Hall stage in those days, any more than it does now.

Ada Alsop was a highly regarded soprano from the north of England with an excellent technique and beautiful sweet-toned voice, as can be heard on the few recordings she left. Norman Walker was also a much esteemed performer, with a significant operatic career.

Performance Cast

Gabriel an archangel

Ada Alsop

Uriel an archangel

Bradbridge White

Raphael an archangel

Norman Walker


Ada Alsop


Norman Walker

Performance DatesCreation 1949

Map List

Caird Hall | Dundee

25 Feb, 19.30

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