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Incoronazione di Poppea 1973Scottish Opera

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Anthony Besch’s production of the Raymond Leppard performing version was originally mounted for the students of the London Opera Centre, but deserved to have a longer life than that would imply.

There were several notable performances, with Anne Howells as a very attractive and completely amoral Poppea, Patricia Kern very dramatic and anguished as Ottavia and Helen Watts making a rare appearance in opera as Arnalta, revealing an unexpected sense of comedy.

Among the men, Stafford Dean was able to show off his cavernous lower register as a noble Seneca, and David Fieldsend showed great promise as a characterful page. Nero is an awkward role at Leppard's tenor pitch, but David Hillman took advantage of that to bring out the petulance and immaturity of the character. When the production opened, the Prologue was performed, but during the run, between Liverpool and Glasgow, the decision was taken to cut it, thus, presumably, opening the drama without undue delay. While Roger Butlin's sets were made for the London Opera Centre, the costumes were in fact those made for the first Glyndebourne staging of 1963.

Performance Cast

Fortuna Goddess of Fortune

Claire Livingstone (Exc Apr 7)

Stacey Almond (Apr 7)

Virtù Goddess of Virtue

Patricia Greig

Amore Cupid

Nan Christie

First Soldier of Nero's bodyguard

John Robertson

Second Soldier of Nero's bodyguard

Frederick Donaldson

Poppea Nero's mistress

Anne Howells (Exc May 23)

Nancy Gottschalk (May 23)

Nerone Nero, Emperor of Rome

David Hillman

Ottavia Octavia, Empress, Nero's wife

Patricia Kern

Ottone Otto, former lover of Poppea

Peter-Christophe Runge (Exc Apr 7)

Stuart Harling (Apr 7)

Seneca a philosopher, Nero's former tutor

Stafford Dean

Drusilla Otto's lover

Patricia Greig

Arnalta Poppea's nurse

Helen Watts (Exc Apr 7)

Claire Livingstone (Apr 7)

Liberto a freedman (former slave)

Malcolm Donnelly

Valletto page in Octavia's household

David Fieldsend

Damigella maidservant in Octavia's household

Nan Christie

Lucano Lucan, a poet

Francis Egerton (Exc May 21, 23; Jun 5)

John Robertson (May 21, 23; Jun 5)

Littore Lictor

Norman White

Performance DatesIncoronazione di Poppea 1973

Map List

MacRobert Arts Centre | Stirling

12 Mar, 19.30 16 Mar, 19.30 21 Mar, 19.30 23 Mar, 19.30

Royal Court Theatre | Liverpool

7 Apr, 19.30

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

1 May, 19.30 4 May, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

15 May, 19.30

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

21 May, 19.30 23 May, 19.30

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

5 Jun, 19.30

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