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Bohème 1919Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The production was reviewed in the Scotsman (21 March). The reviewer argued "...Puccini appears at his best.  The light, pathetic grace of the subject suits his style to perfection, and Mimi, Musetta, and the quartet of Bohemians find a more characteristic expression in his music than do the personages of Madam Butterfly or La Tosca. Last night's performance of the opera was throughout excellent.   Miss Clara Simons, while her words were not always so distinct as they might have been, sang with a great deal of charm as Mimi, while in her acting she brought out, but did not exaggerate, the pathos of the solitary little seamstress. The Musetta of Miss Eva Turner was a fine performance musically, while on the dramatic side it was also a very convincing study of a temperament.  The Rudolph of Mr Hughes Macklin, like all his impersonations, was fluent and graceful.  Mr Kingsley Lark was a very good Marcel, and Mr Frederick Clendon as Schaunard and Mr Arthus Winckworth as Colline artistically completed the quartet of friends.  The opera was well put on the stage, the bustling second act being cleverly arranged.  Mr De La Fuente conducted."

The full cast was found in a copy of the programme ofor 20 March 1919 in the archives of Edinburgh Central Library

The season consisted one week at Aberdeen’s His Majesty’s Theatre (AHMT), then one week at Dundee’s Her Majesty’s Theatre (DHMT). There followed four weeks at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal (GTR). Following a break of one week, there were two weeks at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum (ERL), then later still another two in Glasgow (GTR). Ten weeks, followed by a further three in December to give thirteen. By now, the company were running a number of separate companies, the Phillips section giving the December performances.

w/c Mon Jan 20 Tales of Hoffmann Tue ToscaWed Tannhauser; Thu MignonFri Carmen; Sat m Madam ButterflySat e Faust. AHMT

w/c Mon Jan 27 Tales of Hoffmann; Tue Tannhauser; Wed Faust; Thu Madam Butterfly; Fri Mignon; Sat mTales of Hoffmann; Sat e Trovatore. DHMT 

w/c Mon 3 Feb Tannhauser; Tue BohèmeWed Madam Butterfly; Thu Trovatore; Fri Tosca; Sat m Mignon; Sat e Tales of Hoffmann. GTR 

w/c Mon 10 Feb Cav and Pag; Tue Faust; Wed Carmen; Thu Tales of Hoffmann; Fri Madam Butterfly; Sat m Tosca; Sat e Maritana. GTR

w/c Mon 17 Feb Bohème; Tue Tannhauser; Wed Mignon; Thu Cav and Pag; Fri Don GiovanniSat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Trovatore. GTR

w/c Mon 24 Feb Carmen; Tue Rigoletto; Wed Carmen; Thu Faust; Fri Tannhauser; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Bohemian Girl. GTR

w/c Mon 3 Mar Company performing in Liverpool

w/c Mon 10 Mar Tales of Hoffmann; Tue Tosca  ; Wed Faust; Thu Madam Butterfly; Fri Don Giovanni; Sat m Cav and Pag; Sat e Maritana. ERL

w/c Mon 17 Mar Tosca; Tue Tales of Hoffmann; Wed Tannhauser; Thu Bohème; Fri Carmen; Sat m Mignon; Sat e Trovatore; ERL

w/c Mon 30 Jun Tales of Hoffmann; Tue Carmen; Wed Mignon; Thu Cav and Pag; Fri Three Masks; Sat m Madam Butterfly; Sat e Faust GTR

w/c Mon 7 Jul Three Masks; Tue Trovatore; Wed Daughter of the Regiment; Thu Carmen; Fri Marriage of Figaro; Sat m Tales of Hoffmann; Sat e Maritana GTR

w/c Mon 1 Dec Tales of Hoffmann; Tue Carmen; Wed Faust; Thu Cav and Pag; Fri Tannhauser; Sat m Romeo and Juliet; Sat e Rigoletto.

w/c Mon 8 Dec Cav and Pag; Tue Trovatore; Wed Romeo and Juliet; Thu Lily of Killarney; Fri Faust; Sat m Traviata; Sat e Tales of Hoffmann.

w/c Mon 15 Dec Carmen; Tue Tannhauser; Wed Maritana; Thu Rigoletto; Fri Romeo and Juliet; Sat m Cavand Pag; Sat e Tales of Hoffmann


Thirteen weeks @seven performances = ninety-one

Thirteen Tales of Hoffmann

Eight Carmen; Tannhauser; Faust

Seven; Madam Butterfly; Cav and Pag

Six Mignon

Five Trovatore; Tosca

Four Cav and Pag; Maritana

Three Bohème; Romeo and Juliet

Two Three Masks; Don Giovanni; Rigoletto

One Marriage of Figaro; Daughter of the Regiment; Bohemian Girl; Traviata; Lily of Killarney

Performance Cast

Custom-house Sergeant

Charles Bloomfield

Benoit the students' landlord

George Gorst

Parpignol a toy vendor

Mr A J Willard

Colline a philosopher

Arthur Winckworth

Schaunard a musician

Frederick Clendon

Marcello a painter

Kingsley Lark

Rodolfo a poet

Hughes Macklin

Musetta a grisette

Eva Turner

Mimì a seamstress

Clara Simons

Alcindoro a wealthy follower of Musetta

Robert Brookes

Performance DatesBohème 1919

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

17 Feb, 19.15 4 Mar, 19.15

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

20 Mar, 19.30

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