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This is a fascinating opera, and it is good to see Scottish Opera tackling it again, several decades since its first production.  Like that 1981 staging (revived in 1993), this is a co-production with Welsh National Opera, and it has been very well received in Cardiff. It was nominated for a Southbank Sky Arts Award in 2022.

It opens in a solicitor's office, where a long-running legal case is being discussed, as it drags on with no sign of a solution - almost a Dickensian feel to it.  Proceedings are interrupted by the arrival of Emilia Marty, a strange, beautiful woman, a successful opera star, rude and rather self-centred. She surprises the other characters by talking about some early, now dead, participants in the case of Gregor versus Prus as though she actually knew them.

She is hunting for a document, a chemical formula for an elixir of life concocted by her father - over three hundred years previously.  The consequences lead via some dark comic scenes to one of the most gripping of all operatic finales, as Emilia, known previously by various names, starting as Elina Makropulos (and including Elian MacGregor) has to decide if she wishes to continue an increasingly empty life.

This staging by Olivia Fuchs, has a largely familiar cast of excellent singing actors.  The conductor is Martyn Brabbins.  Until recently music director with ENO, he is most familiar in Scotland for his many concerts and recordings with the BBC in Glasgow.  He now makes his debut with Scottish Opera.

Performance Cast

Vítek a solicitor's clerk

Mark Le Brocq

Albert Gregor a litigant

Brad Cooper

Kristina Vítek's daughter

Catriona Hewitson

Dr Kolenatý a lawyer

Henry Waddington

Emilia Marty an opera singer

Orla Boylan

Baron Jaroslav Prus Gregor's opponent

Roland Wood


Edward Jowle

Jánek Prus the Baron's son

Michael Lafferty

Count Hauk-Šendorf former lover of EM

Alasdair Elliott

Performance DatesMakropulos Affair 2025

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

15 Feb, 19.15 19 Feb, 19.15 22 Feb, 19.15

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Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

27 Feb, 19.15 1 Mar, 19.15

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