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Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1929Covent Garden Opera

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These performances gave Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh audiences their first sight of the newly formed Covent Garden Opera Company.

A comparison with the cast details of the 1927 visit shows a marked similarity - as might be expected when the company had arisen from the ashes of the defunct BNOC which had performed most of Wagner's operas during the previous few years.

The chorus members performing their brief solos as Masters were largely the same singers as before, and in the same roles, except that Percy Harris switched from Vogelgesang to Zorn. Several of the principals had also appeared with BNOC, even if this work was new to them. Philip Bertram was promoted from Nightwatchman to Pogner. Stage director George King had also moved over from the old company, in tandem with the conductor.

Cast details are taken from an Edinburgh programme in the NLS collection.


The Scotsman:  Tuesday, 29 October 1929 (p8):

'Possibly the finest performance of The Mastersingers that has ever been heard in Edinburgh was given at the King's Theatre last night by the Covent Garden artists.  Other occasions within the forty years or so which have elapsed since the work was first heard in Edinburgh may have produced a more admirable artist in one rôe or another,  but certainly never before has the level of performance on the whole been so high as it was last night.

'The large cast presented no weak points;  chorus and orchestra were alike fine, and above all, there was that crispness of touch which speaks so eloquently of the confidence born of plentiful rehearsals. (tbc)

Performance Cast

Walther von Stolzing a young knight

Edward Leer (Oct 28)

Eva daughter of Pogner

Marjorie Parry (Oct 28)

Magdalene Eva's nurse

Gladys Parr (Oct 28)

David apprentice to Sachs

Heddle Nash (Oct 28)

Hans Sachs a shoemaker

Arthur Fear (Oct 28)

Veit Pogner a goldsmith

Philip Bertram (Oct 28)

Sixtus Beckmesser town clerk

William Michael (Oct 28)

Fritz Kothner a baker

Bernard Ross (Oct 28)

Konrad Nachtigall a tinsmith

Ralph Humble (Oct 28)

Balthasar Zorn a pewterer

Percy Harris (Oct 28)

Ulrich Eisslinger a grocer

Martin Quinn (Oct 28)

Kunz Vogelgesang a furrier

Lockwood Thomas (Oct 28)

Augustin Moser a tailor

Liddell Peddieson (Oct 28)

Hans Foltz a coppersmith

Thomas Hindmarch (Oct 28)

Hermann Ortel a soap-boiler

Leslie Horsman (Oct 28)

Hans Schwarz a stocking-weaver

Norman Roe (Oct 28)


Richard Watson (Oct 28)

Performance DatesMastersingers of Nuremberg 1929

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

30 Sep, 18.45

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Oct, 18.45

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

28 Oct, 18.45

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