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Under the inspired direction of Graeme Stevenson. the musical scene at Dundee University has been gaining in both ambition and achievement in recent years. For a university that does not have a Music Department as such, the success of the choir and orchestra is very encouraging. To perform a major masterpiece of the choral repertoire in the vast spaces of the Caird Hall, and to do it so well, must be seen as a landmark for the Society. Of course there were a few moments of uncertainty or weak intonation - notably for the strings at the entry to the Garden of Eden - but for the most part the choir and orchestra were on excellenr form.

The three soloists were fully-fledged professionals who sounded at their best in the excellent acoustic, not at all fazed, as some performers are, by the scale of the auditorium. Wilma Macdougall's soprano is sweet-toned and her part was beautifully phrased. James Slimings has a powerful, beautifully-schooled tenor, and Phil Gault had the full range and technique required. All three were notably successful at projecting the notoriously awkward but enjoyable lyrics.

As performances continue, it is to be hoped that this group will build a loyal audience. The numbers were disappointingly low on this occasion, but that may well have been a direct result of the clash with the concert the following night, when Dundee Choral Union and the Orchestra of Scottish Opera attracted a larger than usual crowd to hear their excellent performance of Handel's Samson.

Performance Cast

Gabriel an archangel

Wilma MacDougall

Uriel an archangel

James Slimings

Raphael an archangel

Phil Gault


Wilma MacDougall


Phil Gault

Performance DatesCreation 2015

Map List

Caird Hall | Dundee

21 Mar, 19.30

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