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This staging, by the mercurial Richard Jones, was a thoroughly deserved import to the Festival, with David Lloyd-Jones celebrating the notable success of his period in charge. The work itself had not been performed in Scotland since the 1962 Festival, and the cast was uniformly excellent, whether irrepressibly acrobatic or merely grotesque.

A more mixed blessing - a fun idea that slightly misfired - was the scratch and sniff card enclosed with the programme to be employed as cued by the performers. Some of the sniffs were nice and some were nasty, but in an extremely dark auditorium it was all a bit hit or miss.

Performance Cast

King of Clubs ruler of an imaginary Kingdom

Mark Glanville

Prince son of the King

Peter Jeffes

Princess Clarice a niece of the King

Patricia Payne

Léandre the prime minister

Andrew Shore

Truffaldino a jester

Paul Harrhy

Pantalon courtier and confidant of the King

Alan Oke

Tchelio a magician, protector of the King

Roger Bryson

Fata Morgana a witch, protectress of Léandre

Maria Moll

Linette a princess

Lesley Roberts

Nicolette a princess

Victoria Sharp

Ninette a princess

Juliet Booth

Cuisinière Cook

Richard Angas

Farfarello a demon

Mark Lufton

Smeraldine a follower of Fata Morgana

Maria Jagusz

Maître de Cérémonies

Stephen Dowson

Performance DatesLove for Three Oranges 1989

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

24 Aug, 19.30 25 Aug, 19.30 26 Aug, 19.30

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