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Bohème 2006Ellen Kent Productions

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For this spring tour by Ellen Kent's Opera International team the performers were described as 'The Ukrainian National Opera of Odessa in collaboration with the Chisinau National Opera'. The programme content indicates that the orchestra and conductors came from Ukraine. The director was based in Chisinau and the soloists were drawn from both.

The great trek round the country began on 8 February in Coventry, and ended on 24 June in Richmond. The tour incorporated four venues in Scotland, two in Wales, four in Ireland, and 37 in England. Scotland saw 14 performances of La bohème and six of Rigoletto. On the tour as a whole the Puccini was given 70 times and the Verdi 'only' 39. There were three separate visits to Scotland - in March, Edinburgh saw one week (21-25) with four Bohèmes and one Rigoletto. From 6 to 12 April they did two Bohèmes in Aberdeen and one in Dundee, followed by three Rigolettos in Glasgow. The final trip north from 21 to 28 May is even more challenging, starting with Rigoletto in Dundee, then six consecutive Bohèmes in Glasgow before a final Rigoletto in Aberdeen.

In spite of this demanding scheduling and the exhausting travel regime it requires, the performances remained highly acceptable in quality. On 9 April the Mimì and Rodolfo were equally successful, with attractive, lyrical voices and excellent stage presence. Having other students that look somewhat mature has never been unusual in theatre and in this particular work.

Details are taken from the souvenir programme and cast sheet insert - players of small roles (Custom House staff) are not identified in either.

Performance Cast

Marcello a painter

Petru Racovita (Apr 9)

Vladimir Dragos

Rodolfo a poet

Andriy Perfilov

Ruslan Zinevych (Apr 9)

Colline a philosopher

Dmitro Pavlyuk

Schaunard a musician

Iuri Gisca

Benoit the students' landlord

Viorel Zgardan

Mimì a seamstress

Rosa Lee Thomas

Maria Tonina

Irina Vinogradova (Apr 9)

Parpignol a toy vendor

Ruslan Pacatovici

Musetta a grisette

Elena Gherman

Alcindoro a wealthy follower of Musetta

Viorel Zgardan

Performance DatesBohème 2006

Map List

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

21 Mar, 19.30 22 Mar, 19.30 24 Mar, 19.30 25 Mar, 19.30

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

6 Apr, 19.30 7 Apr, 19.30 8 Apr, 19.30

Caird Hall | Dundee

9 Apr, 19.30

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

22 May, 19.30 23 May, 19.30 24 May, 19.30 25 May, 19.30 26 May, 19.30 27 May, 19.30

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