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The Arts Council had for many years, back at least to the early 1950s, operated two companies under the umbrella of Opera for All.  One was operated by the London Opera Centre, giving experience to young professionals.  The second group was operated by Welsh Nationl Opera.  They took a repertoire of three operas, with a pianist and half a dozen young singers round the country.

In 1966, Scottish Opera joined the system, with three operas in the repertoire at any one time., with one autumn season, and a further tour in the spring.  The Scottish group's activties were by no means limited to Scotland, and they performed in venues from Shetland in the north to Cornwall in the south west and Canterbury in the south east.

This touring system continued until the Arts Council stopped its funding in 1972.  After a gap, Scottish Opera resumed touring under its own umbrella, as Opera-Go-Round, then later as Opera Highlights.

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