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European Opera Days

Posted 30 Sep 2015

Coming up soon are European Opera Days which this year take place over the weekend 6-8 May. The first European Opera Days were held as long ago as May 2007, and have since become an annual event throughout Europe celebrating opera as an art form.

Following on from this #LoveOpera promotion will spotlight the huge amount and variety of opera and music theatre work going on around the country by encouraging you to tweet what you are doing in pursuit of it.

Your tweets could relate to and name specific current/future performances or events. However relevant activities taking place during the #LoveOpera weekend could also include rehearsing, performing, planning, painting sets, travelling on tour, warming up for an evening performance, leading a workshop, attending a performance or watching a live stream.

Please join in the celebration using the hashtag #LoveOpera and encourage others to do the same. One simple request though: try to reflect the creativity and freshness of the art itself and avoid bland tweets of the 'I love opera' type; help us show the range by talking about what is actually happening. By all means add links to performances, though stating how good they are is not normally as interesting as telling us you'll be baking fairy cakes for the singers, or supporting in some more direct or engaging way.

With thanks to Carolyn Anderson of the Opera and Music Theatre Forum.

Opera buffs should also check out the Opera Europa website and Opera Platform.




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