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Posted 15 Sep 2010

The orchestra of Scottish Opera has reluctantly agreed to go part-time following a vote on management proposals. The company’s general director Alex Reedijk explained that the orchestra had been underused for some time, and that this proposal will allow the ensemble to be kept together.
It is five years since the full-time chorus was lost, and there is a continuing need to optimise use of all resources. The company has been seeking to increase yields in every respect in order that more operas may be staged. Savings are needed to permit this.
As a result of this, some orchestra members are seeking new jobs, and others looking for part time work. The union’s regional organiser for Scotland, Sheena MacDonald, urged the management to work together with its employees across the company to find different and innovative ways of increasing productivity which won’t compromise the company artistically, and will ensure the long term future of Scottish Opera.


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